From POLITICO’s Arena, “Can Tim Pawlenty win the White House?” Grover Norquist responds: “Tim Pawlenty governed well for eight years with Democrat legislatures gnawing at his ankles. Now they have both chambers Republican in Minnesota. As with Romney, one grades on a curve when looking at the list of accomplishments we demand from a governor. Massachusetts and Minnesota are tougher venues than, say, Texas. He is a credible candidate for the presidency and would unite the modern conservative movement in a race against Obama and Biden. Not a bad starting point.”

From GOP Rock Stars: Eric Wang interviews Rockstar Grover Norquist.  “Anyone who has worked in politics or paid any attention to it over the past twenty years has come across the name Grover Norquist and his group Americans for Tax Reform.  Mr. Norquist’s prominence is especially notable because he has never been a candidate or elected official; rather, he holds candidates’ and elected officials’ feet to the fire on fiscal issues, most notably through his “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.”  …With a seemingly severe bespectacled gaze and beard-mustache that belie his wit, wisdom, and humor, Mr. Norquist casts a distinctive presence wherever he goes.  Last week, the Washington, DC chapter of the libertarian-leaning Liberty on the Rocks was honored to host Mr. Norquist at their monthly happy hour.  There, Mr. Norquist sounded familiar themes of federalism and limited government, but also challenged the conservative dogma on immigration, by criticizing efforts to criminalize the employment of illegal immigrants.Mr. Norquist advised libertarians and conservatives to bide their time for the next two or even four years, until a more favorable Congress and White House could be elected to enact meaningful budgetary reforms.”

“GOP leaders pledge to block deficit package that increases taxes” by Alexander Bolton at The Hill.  “Norquist says Senate and House Republican leaders have promised not to allow history to repeat itself. ‘I’ve talked to the Senate leadership and House leadership. They’re not voting on tax increases and they know that,’ Norquist told The Hill Friday. Norquist said he has received the same promise from Sens. Tom Coburn (Okla.), Mike Crapo (Idaho) and Saxby Chambliss (Ga.), who are negotiating a deficit reduction package with Democrats. ‘I’ve talked to the three guys in the room and they’ve promised not to vote any tax increases,’ Norquist said.”

Obamacare’s first birthday commemorates twenty one new or higher taxes”, yesterday’s post by ATR’s Ryan Ellis is featured in The Washington Examiner.