From the Phoenix Business Journal, “National anti-tax group joins fight against Coyotes’ deal”.  ATR is backing the Goldwater Institute in its fight to prevent Glendale, AZ from using a $197 million package of bonds and arena management payments to help sell the Phoenix Coyotes. “Phoenix Business Journal reporter Mike Sunnucks wrote Thursday that Americans for Tax Reform, led by influential conservative Grover Norquist, sent a letter to Glendale stating the group was backing the Goldwater Institute’s potential lawsuit that the deal didn’t meet Arizona constitutional muster.”

Grover Norquist calls The Committee to Reduce Government Waste “a huge step forward”, writes Senator Orrin Hatch in The Main Street Business Journal.  “Our nation’s fiscal situation has reached a tipping point. Our debt now tops $14 trillion, which equates to more than $42,000 for every American man, woman and child…I introduced legislation this week with Colorado Sen. Mark Udall that would establish a bipartisan Senate committee to identify and target wasteful and underperforming federal government programs for elimination…Many national industry and advocacy groups, representing millions of American taxpayers, have come together to urge the rest of Congress to support this committee. In addition, the president of Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist called this proposal a huge step forward.”