“More Democrats Agree on Budget Cuts” writes Grover Norquist at NewsMax.com. “After refusing to debate the long-term continuing resolution (CR) passed by the House last Saturday, Senate Democrats spent last week demagoguing the package, attempting once again to forestall a comprehensive budget plan for the 2011 fiscal year…Democrats spent last week decrying the long-term CR passed by the House last Saturday morning, relying on the rhetoric of a government shutdown and recycled talking points on government spending to call for a funding measure that would continue to spend at unsustainable levels. Now, Democrats are supporting the Republican charge to cut spending…The dismal economic growth witnessed under two years of “stimulus,” accompanied by a total allergy to govern on the part of the Democrats, shows the business-as-usual approach needs to come to an end.

“Grover Norquist: Sunday sales bill would ‘reduce threat of tax increases’” by Jim Galloway in The Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Grover Norquist, president of Washington-based Americans for Tax Reform, has already flexed his muscles in Georgia’s debate over tax reform…[T]his legislation is currently being held up at the behest of a small handful of senators. I urge you [to] reject these opaque, behind-closed-doors efforts to prevent a transparent and public debate on this much needed legislation, which recently passed out of committees in both chambers with sweeping majorities.”

Forbes.com features a tax competition video narrated by ATR’s Natasha Montague. 

ATR opposes the proposal HB 385 as highlighted by Bob Barr in The Atlanta Journal Constitution.  “Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), the highly-regarded and non-partisan taxpayer watchdog group headquartered in Washington, DC, came out in opposition to the Council’s report when it was published last month. Looking at the 127-page piece of legislation — even considering it contains some long-overdue streamlining measures to the Peach State’s tax statutes – it is not difficult to understand why the Republican-backed proposal would run afoul of a fiscally conservative, taxpayer watchdog organization like ATR. Let’s hope it runs afoul of enough Georgia consumers and businesses to pressure the legislature into defeating it.”

Grover Norquist sends “scorching letter” to Georgia legislators, writes Christopher Quinn in The Atlanta Journal Constitution.  “Grover Norquist, the leader of Americans for Tax Reform in Washington, sent Georgia legislators a scorching letter this week rebuking them for bottling up a bill that would let local voters decide on Sunday sales of alcohol. ‘The small handful of senators that seek to preserve the status quo by blocking an open debate on the matter of Sunday sales referenda are effectively supporting greater government regulation and unnecessary intervention in the private economy,’ says the letter, dated Feb. 28.”