Grover Norquist and Leslie Harris co-authored the following Op-Ed published in The Hill.  This piece brings awareness to the fact that your email is not safe from the snooping government: “Protecting our privacy in the digital age”

“But what about other federal agencies?  Most Americans believe that our Fourth Amendment right “to be secure in [our] persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable search and seizure” already applies to private communications sent or stored electronically, just as it applies to telephone calls or letters sent through the mail.
 Unfortunately, there is a law on the books that says government officials have the authority to read our email and other electronic documents without obtaining a search warrant. That outdated legislation is the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).  ECPA says that the government can use a mere subpoena, issued without any review by a judge, to compel service providers to disclose email older than 180 days and any document regardless of age that is stored in the Internet cloud.”


Laura Matthews of the International Business Times wrote an article mentioning Grover Norquist’s praise of the recent CBO report on the Immigration Reform Bill:

“Anti-tax conservative Grover Norquist also is praising the report, saying it is additional evidence that immigration is ‘key to economic growth.’  He also urged Congress to fix the broken system for the sake of the economy.

‘Immigration reform will jumpstart America’s economy and reduce our national debt,’ Norquist said in a statement. “And because CBO employed the type of dynamic analysis conservatives have long clamored for, we have a full accounting of both the costs and benefits of reform.’”


The Times Record published the following article by Peter Urban on the Press Conference in Opposition to the Marketplace Fairness Act that Grover Norquist spoke at yesterday: “Anti-Tax Conservatives Slam Womack’s Internet Sales Tax Bill”

“Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, warned that the bill would lead to higher taxes for all as states and localities feel free to raise taxes on those who cannot oust them from office.

‘Politicians of all ages have lusted after El Dorado — the idea of imposing taxes on people who can’t vote against you,’ said Norquist.”


James C. Capretta wrote an Op-Ed for the National Review which explains that premiums will go up due to Obamacare and it was due to White House spin that rates appeared to have decreased in California: “Yes, Premiums Will Go Up”

“But the day of reckoning is near. This summer and fall, the actual premiums in the Obamacare exchanges will become visible for all to see. As was the case with California, there will be a lot of spin coming from the Obama administration and its allies. But also like California, spin will get them only so far. In the end, those who are enrolled in individually purchased insurance plans will figure out that they are going to pay a lot more, and they won’t be happy about it.”