In Politico’s Arena, Grover discusses Republican leadership and Obama’s need to become a more competent leader. “The effort to claim the Republican Party (or any political entity) has only one leader serves to minimize the depth and breadth of the movement. No one person speaks to or for the entire movement. Reagan and Lincoln did – in retrospect. At the time, they were at best first among equals and only time and the success of their then revolutionary ideas made them define the mainstream of their party.”

National Journal quoted Grover’s opposition to a VAT and what he is doing to stop the Obama administration from bringing the option to the table. “Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform recently blasted the VAT in letters to Obama and the fiscal commission. "VAT is a French word for Big Government," he says, scoffing at Democrats' denials of any interest in a value-added tax. "Henry VIII promised not to cut off the heads of any more wives," Norquist says.” (Subscription required)