Federal Affairs Manager for ATR, Brian Johnson wrote an op-ed for Fox News highlighting the mistruths in President Obama’s energy address. “President Obama is preventing European companies from Belgian, Dutch and Norwegian firms with such advanced environmental technology to further his political gain.”

The Executive Director of Americans for Tax Reform’s Digital Liberty Project, Kelly Cobb, wrote an opinion piece for The Daily Caller on the FCC’s new plan to regulate the internet. “The first sign that the Commission couldn’t care less about a system of checks-and-balances came in April when the FCC was handed a devastating loss by a U.S. Court of Appeals. The court found that since the Internet has always been an unregulated “information” service, the Commission was “shattering” the bounds of its legal authority by trying to regulate it through so-called net neutrality rules.”

Newsmax quoted Grover and mentioned ATR’s letter to congress intended to derail the DISCLOSE Act. The Disclose Act for the first time would restrict the activities of nonprofits and companies, but not unions in some cases. Opponents point out that unions recently spent over $10 million in an unsuccessful bid to defeat Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln in the Democratic primary. "This is the empower-labor-unions-over-everybody-else act," says Norquist. "It's making it illegal for Americans to participate in politics."