Grover wrote a piece for the American Spectator about the need for an anti-appropriations committee similar to the Byrd Committee of the early 1940’s. “Congress followed the committee's recommendation and abolished the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1943, saving $238,960,000. One can only imagine how large the CCC would be today if it had not been strangled in its oversized crib early on.”

The New Yorker published a story about Carly Fiorina (R-Calif) and one of the primary focuses of her campaign, the signing of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. When asked whether she worried that the pledge might tie her hands, she responded, "I don't worry, because I think our hands need to be tied, frankly, in Washington."

In a story about the emergence of Republican women within the party, the International Business Times asked Grover what he thought the upcoming general election would bring to Washington. “Norquist predicted victory for the GOP in November, saying they will take between 5 and 10 Senate seats and recapture the majority in the House.”