The Hill published an article about Republicans putting healthcare reform on state ballots in order to bring out conservative voters in November and fight back against federal legislation. Republican activist Grover Norquist said the GOP is most likely to benefit from the ballot measures because the health law’s individual mandate is unpopular.

The Washington Examiner cites ATR as a strong supporter of passing legislation to support earmark transparency. At a time when the United States is starved for genuine bipartisanship in Congress, the Earmark Transparency Act (ETA) of 2010 should be as welcome as a bottle of spring water to a man lost in the desert. cited ATR data that shows how a cigarette tax indiscriminately attacks the “working poor.” Whether the trend that Mr. Jukes identified will continue remains to be seen; smokers, convenience store owners’ groups and fiscal responsibility advocates can however be expected to argue hard against further increases in the coming months.