In a piece for the Politico’s Arena Grover outlines the difference between President Obama’s rhetoric and actions, along with his habit of hypocrisy. “Obama said he wouldn’t tax anyone earning less than $250,000…then three weeks into his presidency he raises taxes on cigarettes, about the most regressive tax available. But his words mattered. Never mind the low income American who voted for Obama and must now pay another $365 or $730 a year for a one or two pack a day habit. Obama says you shouldn’t smoke. Great speech. Obama smokes. He can afford it.”, a nonpartisan news service based on Oklahoma politics published an article about how ATR’s stance against a bill that included tax-hikes essentially killed it in the Oklahoma legislature. “Norquist said the measure would increase taxes $80 million and “contains provisions that fly in the face of the U.S. Constitution and severely infringe on Oklahomans’ privacy rights.”