Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist authored an op-ed in the Huffington Post encouraging conservative support of the Smarter Sentencing Act.

Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, find some agreement that a problem exists when there are 4,000 federal laws that can land you in prison, more than two million Americans are in prison or jail and five million are under court supervision through parole or probation—and while America has five percent of the world’s population, we host 25 percent of the world’s prison inmates. And they can even agree on some of the solutions.

Matt Patterson, Executive Director of ATR’s Center for Worker Freedom, wrote an op-ed for the Washington Times exposing the ongoing hypocrisies and issues within the United Auto Workers union:

In spite of these high-profile setbacks in Alabama and Tennessee, the UAW is set to raise dues on its members. On June 3, at the union’s 36th Constitutional Convention in Detroit, outgoing President Bob King successfully pushed through his long-desired 25 percent dues hike, which will bring in an estimated $45 million annually to UAW coffers. There’s no question the union needs the money- it’s membership has been in free-fall for decades. In 1979, it could field a formidable 1.5 million-strong army. Now fewer than 400,000 count themselves card-carrying members (and half of those do not even come from the auto industry, but hold teaching, nursing and related jobs in both the public and private sectors.)

The question many union members are asking is: Does the union deserve more money from us, in light of its disastrous stewardship of its finances?

An article written by Mike Godfrey of Tax-News.com highlighted the CBO’s report showing that more than 4 million Americans will be forced to pay Obamacare non-compliance penalties.

In addition, Americans for Tax Reform has pointed out that “the CBO data also show that the majority of those liable for the tax are part of low-to-middle income households, a clear violation of President Obama’s promise against ‘any form of tax increase’ on Americans making less than USD 250,000 per year.”

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