An article written by John Gizzi of Newsmax featured insight from Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist regarding Thursday’s election of Rep. Kevin McCarthy to become the new House Majority Leader.

Perhaps the most poignant commentary on the Republican leadership change came from Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and someone who knows all of the players within the House GOP leadership as well.

“Those outside Congress will never understand leadership races,” he told us, “The votes are personal, based on years of working together. The opinions of issue groups have very little impact on such races and those trying to read the tea leaves on ideological shifts are likely to confuse themselves and/or others.”

John Harwood of the New York Times wrote an article examining the tax policies of candidates in November’s election cycle.

Mr. Norquist calls the current cease-fire on the issue temporary. If Republicans gain control of the Senate this fall, he predicted, they’ll push overhauling the tax code as a means of reducing rates.

“They’re looking past the current situation,” he said. “They’re moving to tax reform, which will be a tax cut, instead of talking about the tax cut. They’re not leading with that.”

As reported by Kelly Weill of MSNBC, Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist will have a brief cameo in an upcoming film version of Ayn Rand’s influential novel, Atlas Shrugged.

The film will be packed with similar cameos from popular conservatives, including radio talk show host Andrew Wilkow, Americans for Tax Reform founder Grover Norquist, and Fox News regular Jonathan Hoenig.

An op-ed in Forbes by Travis H. Brown cited an Americans for Tax Reform study showing Gov. Jerry Brown’s massive tax increases on California taxpayers.

The second issue is the current leadership residing in Sacramento. The Democrat-controlled state legislature has ignored the need for tax reform in favor of arguably nonessential issues, such as plastic bag bans and bag taxes. As for Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, a recent study by Americans for Tax Reform reveals that the governor has enacted over $18 billion in tax increases since 2011 in order to fund state schools, pay for the high-speed “train to nowhere,” and bolster pension programs. Sacramento’s leadership has proven time and time again that it is no friend to California’s taxpayers, while seemingly ignoring the fact that the state has the 4th-highest state and local tax burden in the nation.