The Washington Times published the following Op-Ed, written by Grover Norquist, on the reforming of a bill which allows the Securities and Exchange Commission to subpoena American’s personal information stored online: “Saying no to spooks at the SEC”

“In short, just about everyone agrees that the reforms proposed by Mr. Leahy and Mr. Lee are long overdue, but the subpoenaing extraordinary power grab is not only indiscriminate, it’s entirely unnecessary. The SEC has had the authority to enforce subpoenas against the targets of its investigations long before Google or Facebook existed. It can freeze a person’s account to ensure nothing is deleted while its subpoena is enforced. It can subpoena transactional data about an account — when it was started, how often it’s used, how much content is stored in it — so the target of an investigation cannot falsely claim he doesn’t have an account or never used the account. Nothing in the Leahy-Lee legislation would change the authorities the commission already possesses.”


Freedom Works published a coalition letter, created by Heritage Action for America, of which Grover Norquist is a co-signer: “Coalition Letter: Defund ObamaCare to Fund the Government”

“Despite these setbacks, the ultimate ‘power of the purse’ still resides in the House, and the House will soon act to fund the government. In doing so, the House should include language ensuring that no more taxpayer dollars can be used to implement Obamacare. This funding prohibition should include all Obamacare funding streams, both discretionary and mandatory, and it should eliminate funding for Obamacare’s new entitlements. This will effectively halt implementation and enforcement of the law in its entirety, and will give the President and Senate Democrats a choice: Continue funding the government, or shut down the government on behalf of an unpopular law that they have admitted will not work and cannot be enforced as written.”


The Illinois Review announced that the GOP candidate for the 11th District, Ian Bayne, proudly signed ATR’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge:

“Yesterday 11th CD GOP candidate Ian Bayne signed the American for Tax Reform (ATR) pledge not to raise taxes if elected to Congress.

“‘Today I signed Grover Norquist's taxpayer protection pledge,’ Bayne said. ‘I'd rather be signing a pledge to cut taxes because that's what needs to be done.’"