KOCO out of Oklahoma City picked up an item by Americans for Tax Reform on the tax cost to NBA players in terms of how many games they must play in order to begin making money for themselves:

“Americans for Tax Reform has released a study about the tax burden each athlete faces.

The study found athletes in Oklahoma City have to play 2.2 games just to pay their taxes. That number is lower for athletes playing for 10 other teams, including the Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls.

California takes the most from its athletes. They must play 5.5 games just to pay their taxes.”


Matt Welch and Tracy Oppenheimer from Reason Magazine interviewed Grover Norquist about his opinions on the Immigration Bill waiting for a House vote: “Grover Norquist on Open Borders and Historically Racist Immigration Policy”

"[The] people who think that building higher walls or deeper walls or moats and alligators and stuff," Norquist says, "they're chasing problems that can be fixed more easily by expanding liberty rather than contracting it."