An article by Jeremy Herb from The Hill mentioned a letter, of which Americans for Tax Reform was one of the cosigners.  It was written to Speaker Boehner asking to keep the Defense Appropriations bill open for amendments:  “Conservative groups push Republican leaders to open up Defense bill”

“The fiscal conservative groups wrote a letter to Boehner Monday urging him to allow an open bill on the floor, as House Republican leaders are weighing limiting amendments to the Pentagon spending bill.

The groups said that restricting amendments would break with Boehner’s pledge to follow regular order and allow open debate.


Logan Pike from The Heartland Institute wrote an article which discussed the opposing views on the Marketplace Fairness Act between economist Art Laffer and Katie McAuliffe, spokeswoman for Americans for Tax Reform:

“Marketplace Fairness Act supporters have predicted an additional $23 billion annually would be collected if the bill becomes law. But McAuliffe said she expects revenue would fall well below the estimate, because with more money taken from them for taxes, shoppers would have less money to spend, which would result in fewer sales being made.

The MFA ‘is not going to be much of a revenue source for states. It’s not federalism. And it’s not sustainable,’ McAuliffe said.”