Betsy Rothstein wrote an article for Mediabistro on the discussion between Grover Norquist and Rahm Emanual on the subject of immigration reform, which was held by the Atlantic: “The Atlantic’s Questionable Imitation of CNN’s ‘Crossfire’”

 “Under normal circumstances, Grover, President of Americans for Tax Reform, is undoubtedly a great foil for Democrats. The trouble here was he and Rahm agree on mostly everything where immigration is concerned. So instead of being ‘Crossfire’ it was more like GMA’s news family meets Hoda and Kathie Lee minus the wine. Everyone was cordial and kind. No cussing. No deep sighs.”


My Northwest published an article written by Dave Ross which explains why Grover Norquist believes that immigration is good for the United States: “Why Republicans will have to vote yes on immigration”

“He [Grover] basically demolished any argument – and remember, this is the nation’s chief anti-tax crusader – that bringing in more immigrants would cost the government money.

‘There are people that don’t like the extensive welfare and think that immigrants can go on welfare’ said Norquist. ‘Most of the people whose lives are damaged by dependency on welfare are born here.”