Kevin Woster of the Rapid City Journal wrote the following article on State Senator Larry Rhoden’s signing of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge:

"‘The American people are taxed enough and I strongly oppose raising taxes,’ he said.   

Rounds campaign spokesman Rob Skjonsberg said pledges don't stop Washington, D.C., from overspending but do make solving problems more difficult.

‘Part of the reason Washington, D.C., is paralyzed and broken is because politicians lock themselves into a position of non-negotiation,’ Skjonsberg said.”


An article in Politico by Rebecca Elliott described the event on immigration at which Grover Norquist and Rahm Emanuel both spoke in support of reform:

“Two political figures with very distinct ideologies but similar outlooks on immigration reform — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist — predicted Monday that House Republicans will ultimately get behind a reform bill despite the outspoken opposition lately of many of them.

‘There will be a strong Republican vote for this,’ Norquist said of immigration reform at an event hosted by The Atlantic. “This should be second nature for Republicans.’”


The National Journal’s Brian Resnick also covered the meeting between Grover Norquist and Rahm Emanuel on immigration reform:

 “But their tone and dissatisfaction with the House Republican holdup of immigration reform both rang similar, with Norquist, actually, invoking the harsher criticism. He described the anti-immigration reform position as being ‘anti-people.’

‘The economics of this is so clear,’ Norquist said. ‘If you have more people moving into an area of economic growth, you actually get more growth. People are an asset. The argument that immigration depresses wages is the same argument against children’ because children are people who can eventually enter the job market to compete with their parents.”


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