Americans for Tax Reform’s Federal Affairs Manager, Chris Prandoni, had a feature article published by the Capital Research Center: “‘Sue and Settle’: Secret backroom deals by bureaucrats and environmentalists hurt the American economy”

“In a process known as sue-and-settle, activists sue government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, negotiate settlements with friendly bureaucrats, and obtain judicial decrees that have the force of law. This process twists laws and creates disruptive regulations, while largely avoiding the scrutiny of Congress and the public.

You may never have heard of ‘sue-and-settle,’ but these backroom arrangements made between bureaucrats and their allies in environmentalist groups are sweetheart deals that effectively turn the regulatory process over to some of the most extreme elements in American politics.”


An editorial in The Wall Street Journal about the attempt of the Obama administration to use sports leagues to promote Obamacare credited an item by Americans for Tax Reform: “NBA with the Assist”

“This reluctance is wise, not least because ObamaCare is bad for the players and owners, who are the high-income earners soaked by the plans multiple new taxes. (Kobe Bryant's annual Medicare tax alone under ObamaCare is $250,642, estimates Americans for Tax Reform.) Supporting one of the most politically divisive laws in history, and one that is still unpopular, can't be good for a business's brand.”


An article by Susan Davis in USA Today about Senator Patty Murray (D- Wash.) included a quotation from Grover Norquist:

“Norquist shrugs at the criticism. ‘She's all politics,’ he said, predicting that Murray will fail at advancing her budget objectives in the upcoming legislative fights.

Norquist says the Republican Party is committed to keeping spending at the levels imposed this year by across-the-board cuts called ‘sequestration.’

‘There's nothing you can do to make Republicans replace some of those savings with a tax increase that the president wants,’ Norquist said. ‘And you can't threaten them by saying the blame will be placed on you because (President Obama) has done that a bunch of times, and it didn't work.’"


Jay Miller’s article in Crain’s Cleveland Business quoted Americans for Tax Reform’s State Affairs Manager, Josh Culling, on how Governor John Kasich did not break the Taxpayer Protection Pledge: “Taxes axed even as state budget bulges under Kasich”
Mr. Culling said the budget increase and the boost in the state sales tax won't cost Gov. Kasich his good standing with Mr. Norquist, the group's founder and president.

“I don't think he broke his pledge,” Mr. Culling said. “But I would have done things a little differently.

“I would have liked to seen him reduce the size of state government a little bit,” he said. “Maybe that's the next bite of the apple.”


An editorial in The T and D cited Americans for Tax Reform’s research on the Obamacare mandates arriving in 2014: “Obamacare foes get more ammo against new law”

“Other Obamacare mandates slated for next year include, according to research by Americans for Tax Reform, a nonprofit lobbying organization in Washington that opposes tax increases, and the South Carolina Policy Council, the conservative Columbia-based group that says its mission “is to promote freedom, protect freedom and prove that freedom works”:

* New annual taxes on health insurers tied to insurance premiums collected that year; fully imposed on companies with $50 million in profits.

* A 3.8 percent surtax on investment income for joint filers with adjusted gross incomes above $250,000 (above $200,000 for individuals).

* A Medicare payroll tax hike of .9 percent on earned income over $250,000 for joint filers (over $200,000 for individuals).

* A 2.3 percent excise tax on medical device manufacturers. In South Carolina, there are more than 800 listed medical and equipment device companies, according to the online business site”