In an interview with Newsmax, Grover Norquist said that the Obama administration’s decision to delay part of Obamacare is because they have come to realize that it is a failure:

“‘Why was the whole thing not structured to take place all at once? Well certain things were done at the beginning and other things were done later — and the pain was done later,’ he said.

‘What this does is it delays it until after the next election or at least delays it now, and they’ll delay it again for a year.’”

An article by Holly Otterbein for NewsWorks mentioned Grover Norquist: “Many in Philly protest as Pa. House acts on school funding”

“Early Monday, Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke said another proposal, which would allow the city to enact a cigarette tax in order to raise school funding, was not dead. But the House ultimately didn't consider it Monday night.

State Rep. Cherelle Parker (D-Philadelphia) blamed the death of the cigarette tax legislation on Grover Norquist, founder of Americans for Tax Reform and father of the no-new-taxes pledge that many Republican legislators have signed. Others who were close to the negotiations said that the proposal's fate was not helped by the fact that the Philadelphia delegation was not united behind it.”


An article in Human Events by Caroline Mahony named Americans for Tax Reform as a supporter of the Death Tax Repeal Act, a bill by Rep. Kevin Brady: “Is there life after Death Tax?”

“Americans for Tax Reform also argue that besides being unfair and immoral, the death tax has never been easier to repeal. Since the potential collections of the death tax over the next decade constitute less than .5% of federal tax revenue, it is feasible to replace that with other funds.”