A Press Release from Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Fla.-27) mentioned the support by Americans for Tax Reform for the Death Tax Repeal Bill:

“Not only does the Death Tax raise only a small amount of revenue, it also harms economic growth by discouraging savings and investment. According to the Tax Foundation it cost families $88.2 million and 2.3 million hours to comply with it in 2005.

The Death Tax Repeal Act is supported by the American Farm Bureau Federation, Associated Builders and Contractors, National Federation of Independent Business, 60 Plus Association, Americans for Tax Reform, Club for Growth, National Black Chamber of Commerce, International Franchise Association, National Taxpayers Union, and the Family Business Coalition.”


An Op-Ed in the Daily Caller by Theo Caldwell points out numerous ways in which Americans are not as free as they once believed themselves to be: “Is America free?”

“Yet here we are, with almost every aspect of that straightforward proscription demonstrably violated by America’s own government — and the rest of the Bill of Rights in not much better shape.

Recent scandals at the IRS, the National Security Agency and the Department of Justice have renewed Americans’ interest in reclaiming their freedoms.”