Grover wrote a piece for Politico’s Arena highlighting how the Left is trying to distract Americans from their tax and spend policies. “Democrats are now hopping on “gaffes” that interest no one while whistling past the graveyard of their tax and spending policies on energy, health care, banking and their threats of higher taxes on all small businesses and consumers with a Value Added Tax. Debt, spending, more bureaucrats and a lousy economy and Democrats hope to distract voters with “gaffes.”

The Director of Communications for ATR, John Kartch, wrote an op-ed for Pajamas Media about the beginning of the Obamacare “Indoor Tanning Tax”.  “The tanning tax is a metaphor for ObamaCare in general — burdensome, expensive, petty, thrown together behind closed doors, and blind to the actual impact the legislation would have on people.”

Rush Limbaugh cited ATR statistics when discussing the largest tax hikes in history set to take place at the beginning of 2011.