The Washington Times published an op-ed by Grover on his stance against the DISCLOSE ACT. Grover believes it is a violation of the First Amendment: “The bill is a thinly veiled attempt to stifle unfavorable political speech by making entrance into the political dialogue difficult, expensive and open to harassment.”

The Wall Street Journal ran a piece by Eliza Gray highlighting Grover’s call for a join anti-appropriations committee between the House and Senate.  His call to reinstitute a replica of the Byrd Committee was voiced during his appearance before President Obama’s Bi-partisan Commission on Fiscal Responsibility. “I like the idea of a committee of congressmen who walk around thinking: ‘my status in town is based on my ability to pass legislation to cut spending.’”

Joshua Culling wrote an op-ed for The Washington Times on the frugal leadership of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Culling highlights the Governor’s determination to cut spending in the state, fight public unions and stand up for the taxpayers of the Garden State. “Along with a series of common-sense proposals like a constitutional amendment capping the growth of local property taxes at 2.5 percent annually, forcing teachers to pay a portion of their health insurance premiums (previously fully funded by taxpayers) and a moratorium on tax increases, Mr. Christie put forth a slimmed-down budget proposal in the wake of five consecutive gubernatorial administrations that raised state spending on net.”

The Washington Times, Politico and The Hill all ranarticles on ATR’s new, “Obama Tax Hike Exemption Car.” Awallet-sized parody card which “exempts” those making less than $250,000 from paying any form of tax increase signed into law by President Obama.  If challenged upon presentation of the card, the cardholder may politely ask: “Excuse me, but are you calling President Obama a liar?”

In an article discussing the Tea Party’s call for spending cuts gaining traction, The Wall Street Journalquoted Grover:  “If I'm a congressman or I'm a candidate, I have seen people talk about spending the way they used to talk about taxes or abortion or guns," he says. "Clearly this is a vote-moving issue."

As the Chairman of the Reagan Legacy Project, Grover offered his opinion to The Washington Times on where he believed Ronald Regan deserved to be placed on a list of all-time greatPresidents. "Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet Union without a war; Ronald Reagan turned the economy around; Ronald Reagan ended double-digit inflation … he laid the groundwork for 20 years of prosperity," he said. "And the defeat of the Soviet Union is not an accomplishment that could be reversed.”