Grover Norquist and Patrick Gleason co-wrote an op-ed for Reuters entitled “Pennsylvania as the new Wisconsin in union fights.”

"The “paycheck protection” bills pending in state Senate and House of Representatives committees, propose to prohibit government employers from deducting from a public employee’s salary “any funds which inure to the benefit of a private organization.”

If enacted, this legislation would end this use of state resources for political activity. Currently, the state uses taxpayer resources to collect union dues from government workers and these funds are used for political purposes by union lobbyists and political action committees.”

Grover Norquist wrote an op-ed for CNN entitled “Changing the subject: The misdirection of a president.”

            “After all that [“Stimulus”] spending, the United States had the weakest recovery since World War II. The percentage of Americans of working age who are actually working was 66% when the recession began, stood at 65.8% when Obama was inaugurated and actually fell to 62.8% today. The only reason the unemployment number has appeared to fall from 7.3% since Obama took office to 6.7% now is that 10 million Americans of working age have left the workforce out of frustration at not finding work.

So creating jobs would be a rather unpleasant topic for the President.

And America has just marked the 50-year milestone in the "War on Poverty," announced by President Johnson in 1964. After $15 trillion in government spending, poverty remains as high as when the war was declared. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been shorter and less expensive in dollars.”

Grover Norquist was featured in a video montage featuring nonprofit groups from both sides of the aisle on entitled “What Lobbyists Want From Obama’s State of the Union?”