Will Upton, State Affairs Manager, wrote an op-ed for The Daily Caller entitled “Why an obscure Arkansas state senate race has national implications.”

            “Until 1969, the Arkansas state senate was entirely controlled by Democrats. By 2012, for the first time since Reconstruction, Republicans took control of both the Arkansas House of Representatives and the State Senate. Previously, the 2010 elections saw Republicans take control of all four of Arkansas’s congressional seats. On the state level, the last bastion of the Southern Democrats appears to have fallen. The state that elected Bill Clinton as governor, Mark Pryor as a U.S. Senator, and Mike Ross as a congressman is a blue state no more.”

Sam Scorzo of The Daily Caller wrote an article based off of Justin Sykes’ (Federal Affairs Associat) blog post entitled “Masashiro Tanaka will lose over half his contract deal to taxes”:

            “The Yankees signed Tanaka on Wednesday with a promise of $155 million over the next 7 years, the largest contract deal ever signed by an international free agent, as reported by ESPN.

According to a study done by Americans for Tax Reform, after the combined effect of federal taxes in addition to New York’s steep state and local taxes, Tanaka will have an estimated 56.1 percent income tax rate leaving his actual salary at $68 million for the length of his contract.”

CNBC picked up Federal Affairs Associate, Justin Sykes’ blog post on Masahiro Tanaka losing $12 million of his $155 million dollar paycheck in taxes to the state of New York.