Obama BINGO is featured today in The Washington Examiner’s Yeas & Nays column:“ O-B-A-M-A: The folks over at Americans for Tax Reform have created Obama State of the Union bingo cards on which players can check off expected phrases such as "let me be clear" and "Washington special interests" to win the game. We're told ATR head Grover Norquist himself will be playing Tuesday night. Also provided is a handy dandy definitions key. For example: when the president says "bipartisan," ATR defines it as "Democratic efforts to get Republican fingerprints on bad pieces of legislation." Speaking of bipartisan, this game might not go over well in a bipartisan crowd.”

From the Associated Press, GOP leaders fear federal bailout of states.   “Though there has been little discussion of Washington bailing out states, some congressional Republicans and conservative groups are suggesting that states be allowed to seek protection in federal bankruptcy court, which they are currently barred from doing. Public employee unions, liberal groups and some lawmakers of both parties oppose the bankruptcy idea…."It currently looks to be one of the best options to prevent a federal bailout of the most fiscally reckless states," said Patrick Gleason, director of state affairs for the conservative Americans for Tax Reform, which also champions the idea.”