In The Hill the “GOP rejects prospect of a government shutdown over spending debate”. Michael Steel, a spokesman for Boehner said, “We’ve been clear all along: Our goal is cutting government spending to help create jobs — not shutting down the government,”Grover Norquist said “the GOP should focus on discretionary spending cuts this year. Entitlement reform and a balanced budget can only come with a Republican in the White House”. 

In POLITICO, “A new poll shows Americans are sharply divided over whether President Barack Obama’s first two years in office have been a success or failure. In the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey 45 percent of voters under 50 say he’s been a failure and 47 percent believe he’s succeeded. But a majority – 51 percent – of adults over 50 think he’s failed and 45 percent say he’s done well. Why the generation gap in support for the president, exactly two years after he was inaugurated?” Grover Norquist comments, “This is the smallest “generation gap” on a political issue I have seen.”