Hundreds of patriotic citizens rallied against big government in Pittsburgh on Saturday; voicing staunch opposition to Democrat policies like ‘cap-and-trade’, the stimulus, and out of control government spending. There were approximately 600 other tea parties on the 4th of July.
“‘Throw them out — that’s our strategy,’ said Grover Norquist, president of the Washington nonprofit, Americans for Tax Reform, about Democratic House and Senate members who have supported stimulus-package and cap-and-trade legislation.”
“If you have taken the DC Metro’s Red Line recently, then you have experienced the frustration of a seemingly endless wait to board a sardine packed car. Be warned: This trend of slow, manually-run trains may continue for the next year. But the worst news is that the DC Metro system’s internal issues are not much better.”
“For lawmakers scrounging to balance state budgets in a recession, tobacco taxes were one of the most popular options on the table this year…But there are growing signs that tobacco, which generated about $19 billion for states in revenue from sales and excise taxes last fiscal year, might not deliver the new money state lawmakers are hoping for.”