PRWeek: Why are people so angry about taxes now?
Grover Norquist: Spending has become a vote-moving issue. The Taxpayer Tea Party rallies around April 15 this year – we have counted more than 600,000 attending more than 550 rallies – came in response to spending. Americans know this overspending and borrowing will lead to taxes and inflation. That is an increasingly sophisticated electorate.
PRWeek: How much do you now rely on the mainstream media to get messages out?
Norquist: Americans for Tax Reform [ATR] is very active through its Web site and e-mail newsletter, but we also speak regularly to talk radio, cable TV, and establishment newspapers. Different Americans trust different sources. We want to speak through media they trust and hear.
PRWeek: What three issues are you focusing on now?
Norquist: Opposing all new taxes and tax increases at the state and federal level. Passing legislation to make every check written by the government and all government contracts fully transparent by putting them online in real time. Opposing all efforts by trial lawyers, labor unions, and corrupt big-city political machines to push Americans around and steal their money.”
The Arizona Governor is pushing a tax hike using lobbyists, funded by taxpayers:
“Taxpayer funded lobbyists targeting citizens for higher taxes is one of my pet peeves. This was once again on display a couple of days ago in the Arizona Republic’s interview with Diane Sikokis, one of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors’ many lobbyists.”
The Value Added Tax is looming and these citizens are among many who have written to their newspapers to make their displeasure clear: