“Nice try by the other side to claim "we all do it." We don’t. They shouldn’t.
…Conservatives who want lower taxes are not asking for judges that will demand lower taxes. Liberal judges have actually imposed higher taxes.
The power to tax lies properly with the congress and state legislatures, not the judges. No conservative is asking the courts to cut taxes. Liberals have asked–and gotten–courts to raise taxes.
Nice try by the other side to claim "we all do it." We don’t. They shouldn’t.”

“But conservatives said the chances of state officials ever lowering a tax in the future are slim.  "Remember the Johnstown flood tax?" said Patrick Gleason of the Americans for Tax Reform.
The 18 percent levy on alcohol was enacted to pay for repairs after the 1936 Johnstown flood and has never been repealed.”
“I think it’s fair to say that the state is passionate about football.
Rep. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-Cranberry) wants to see a little of that heart when it comes to talking taxes. On Tuesday, June 9, representatives from the National Taxpayers Union, Americans for Tax Reform, Citizens Against Higher Taxes and the National Federation of Independent Business will speak at a rally in the rotunda at the Capitol Building at 10 a.m.”

(cartoon: http://thevoiceforschoolchoice.files.wordpress.com)