Republicans in Congress authored a bill that will expand health care but maintain the ability of individuals and doctors, not the government, to control their coverage.
“Republican activist Grover Norquist affirmed in a letter to the group that the bill was revenue neutral and would not violate the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a no-new-taxes pledge that many Republicans have signed.”
“The big underlying issue is, what value does transparency have if you don’t have accurate data?” Sandra Fabry, executive director of the Washington-based Center for Fiscal Accountability, which had supported Obama’s legislation, said in an interview. “It is very important that OMB and government agencies work on strengthening efforts to provide data accuracy.”
Jon Fleischman over at the FlashReport measures the impact of California’s May 19th special election by compiling a list of the winners and losers.
Americans for Tax Reform – Originators of the no-new-taxes pledge, this D.C. based group strongly opposed Proposition 1A, and they opined against it frequently.  Whether through column from founder Grover Norquist, or even videos, ATR made is displeasure with these tax increase known to thousands of Californian leaders.”