Grover Norquist responds to the question “Will 'union busting' spread beyond Wisconsin?” in POLITICO’s Arena.  “New Jersey's governor showed the world that you can too tackle the teachers unions and not be tarred as anti-teacher or anti-education. All states face the same problem. Labor union bosses have used their political muscle to extort great gobs of taxpayer money…Government workers are paid more, have more holidays, more sick leave, better pensions and benefits and ridiculous job security … Voters will support those governors that tackle the root causes of high taxes and slow growth…public sector unionism and unresponsive civil servants.”

In The Daily Caller ATR’s Mattie Corrao criticizes Obama’s stimulus management.  “Mattie Corrao, government affairs manager with Americans for Tax Reform, said the Solyndra loan shows how hollow Obama’s promise to keep close track over how stimulus money has been spent has been.‘[The administration] is trying to pretend we’re creating jobs and hoping the taxpayers are dumb enough and blind enough to believe the lie,’ Corrao said. ‘But after two years of unemployment about 9 percent, people aren’t going to believe it anymore.’”

From POLITICO “How a shutdown could happen”.  Jonathan Allen and Carrie Brown discuss five reasons the government might close its doors if competing views cannot be reconciled.  Grover Norquist is confident that Republicans can win this round. “‘What they needed was a compliant monopoly press. That is gone,’ said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, referring to Democrats in 1995. ‘We need to make it clear we are trying to pass a budget, they are doing everything to avoid budget cuts and they are trying to cause a crisis to avoid budget cuts. I don’t think they will be able to do it and get away with it.’”

“Debt Commission A Scam Says Grover Norquist” by Kurtis Workman at  “Grover Norquist says that the debt commission was created as a ruse for Democrats to hide behind during the 2010 election.  ‘A year ago Obama wanted a commission to study the debt but what he really wanted was the commission to give cover to Democrats running for reelection,’ Norquist said…Norquist says what concerns him about the debt commission is their proposal of increased taxes.  ‘Using the commission’s own numbers we estimate that their report calls for $1 trillion in increased tax revenues and we have seen this before,’ he said. ‘They say give us a dollar of increased tax money and we will give two dollars of spending cuts.  It never works.’”