“Great Tax Cut Debate Comes To Bismarck” by Kurtis Workman at PlainsDaily.com.  Today Grover Norquist is joining Ed Schafer, Dustin Gawrylow of the North Dakota Taxpayers Association and Brett Narloch of the North Dakota Policy Council to discuss tax policy. Regarding taxes in North Dakota, Norquist has said: “North Dakota has one of the highest income tax structures in the nation and you need to change that if you want to be competitive…When you look at one of the highest income tax structures in the nation and one of the highest oil taxes in the nation North Dakota is not competitive.”

“Brown wants GOP 'fingerprints on smoking gun'” by Becky Yeh at OneNewsNow.  “Patrick Gleason, state affairs manager of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), understands Brown's need to petition the federal government. However, he believes it will be difficult for the governor to convince The Golden State's taxpayers… ‘He knows it will not do anything for the state's economy. In fact, it will hurt it, and that's why he wants other fingerprints on the smoking gun,’ the ATR state affairs manager contends. ‘If he thought this was a good plan, he would go do it himself with just Democrats and boast about it.’ But Gleason contends that Brown wants Republicans' fingerprints on the plan because he knows his budget proposal will be ‘disastrous’ for California.”

Joshua Culling’s post “Fun Things for Wisconsin Democrats to Do on Vacation in Rockford, IL” is featured in the Chicagoist.  “… it occurs to us that the legislators on the downlow might need some help when it comes to killing time as they hide out in our fair state.Reports put some of them in Rockford, hanging out at the Best Western, other reports have them elsewhere. The Americans for Tax Reform site had some suggestions for the Wisconsin legislators as well but in the interest of showing our guests a good time we thought we'd put together a quick primer on good times in Rockford.”