“Obama proposes $90 billion in energy taxes” by ATR’s Chris Prandoni in today’s Washington Examiner.  “Instead of confronting Washington’s over-spending problem, President Obama looks to punish America’s most productive job creators—energy producers. By repealing tax credits and deductions regularly employed by America’s oil, natural gas, and coal producers, the President is effectively advocating for higher energy costs, fewer jobs, and slower growth… President Obama’s budget is entirely unserious. It calls for $1.5 trillion in tax hikes and $8.7 trillion in new spending over the next decade. It does nothing to address America’s impending entitlement disaster. With unemployment hovering around 9 percent, you’d think the president would abet America’s oil and natural gas producers—an industry which employs 9.2 million Americans—not demonize them.”

ATR’s Ryan Ellis is quoted in Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Obama’s 2012 Budget. “ President Barack Obama's proposed fiscal 2012 budget is not serious. If it were, it wouldn't incorporate so many bad jokes…Drastic cuts are required. But you won't find them in the administration's new budget… ‘Add it all together and this budget is a 10-year, $1.5 trillion tax hike … ,’ says Ryan Ellis of Americans for Tax Reform. ‘That's $1.5 trillion taken out of the economy and spent on government instead of being used to create jobs.’”