Grover Norquist and Colin Hanna, President of Let Freedom Ring and Alex Cortes, Chairman of the Restore the Dream Foundation discuss rescinding “Obama’s remaining ‘stimulus’” in a joint op-ed in The Hill. “Democrats promised their trillion-dollar spending and debt package would keep the unemployment rate below 8 percent and “save or create” 3 million jobs. Two years later there are 6.8 million fewer jobs than promised and the unemployment rate has been at or above 9 percent for 21 continuous months, the longest stretch since the Great Depression…On average, each new federal bureaucrat costs the country $4 million over the course of their career. By increasing the federal payroll by over 200,000 employees, the president has committed the next generation of taxpayers to almost a trillion dollars in new spending.”

“Norquist critical of Trump’s tariff proposal” by Will Rahn at The Daily Caller. “‘The tariffs or the tax increases are what politicians call for when they’re expressing contempt for the American people’s intelligence,’ Norquist, the founder of Americans for Tax Reform, told The Daily Caller. ‘Tariffs are not paid by Chinese people, they are paid by American people who buy Chinese products. It would raise the costs of everything you buy in the store. Most of those things you by from China and because you raised the price of one competitor, everybody else gets to raise their prices too.’”

In The Daily Caller, ATR’s Mattie Corrao commends the continuing resolution (CR) released by House republicans last Friday.  “‘This is the first CR we’ve seen that, actually, is not just cutting by ‘Washington standards’ where we’re spending less than we intended to spend, but we’re cutting from a level where we’re spending at now,’ Carrao said in a phone interview. ‘It is a great step in the right direction and we are supportive of any effort to cut spending. It’s always good to see Republicans fielding the call for smaller government by writing legislation to that end…The budget just released by President Obama is, by and large, the same budget we’ve seen over the past couple of years,’ Carrao said. ‘It’s a gigantic spending package that issues no positive reform on the mandatory forefront, on the tax forefront or on the spending forefront.’”