In Politico’s Arena, Grover Norquist discusses Obama’s Budget.  “Obama jumped federal spending dramatically. The American people were quite clear they want the overspending to end. Obama’s budgets continue the high level of spending and move to increase taxes to catch up with this overspending. Obama was not listening in November.”

Grover Norquist writes in the National Review Online regarding Obama’s overspending.  “The “budget” unveiled by Barack Obama doesn’t pass the laugh test. It is a pretend feint to moderation. Republicans — who do not have the entire executive branch at their disposal — have already put forward $100 billion in reductions in spending this year. Obama is countering with $40 billion each year for ten years … Republicans won in 2010 because they captured 60 percent of independent voters. Those voters were terrified by the president’s overspending. Obama has decided to return to his corner and defend the overspending of the past and to push for more. Obama has become predictable.”

“Let’s stand for limited government, federal accountability, and reduced spending” by Grover Norquist in the National Review Online.  “America has the highest known incarceration rate in the world. Many of the incarcerated are guilty of non-violent crimes and afflicted with drug or mental-health problems, for which they receive little treatment, even when full rehabilitation is possible. As the size of the prison system has grown over the last three decades, its cost has quadrupled. Corrections spending is currently among the fastest growing line items in state budgets.”