In POLITICO’s Arena, Grover Norquist explains it was a Republican Congress that balanced the budget under the Clinton administration.  “The Clinton revisionist myth is that his economic policies balanced the budget. In fact there were two Clinton administrations. The first lasted two years… The second lasted six years with a Republican House and Senate and Clinton in the White House. From the day the GOP took the House and Senate, the Dow rose from 3,800 to 10,800… Obama will also have a second act to his administration. There is a difference with Clinton's last six years. Obama has done more damage to the economy in his first two years of bailouts, wasted stimulus, and expanding the occupation of Afghanistan – costing $124 billion in 2008-2009 and $1.1 trillion over the next ten years.”

“Obama makes super false tax claim: 'I didn’t raise taxes once'” by ATR’s John Kartch is featured today in The Washington Examiner.  “On Sunday, in a live, nationally televised interview just prior to the Super Bowl, President Obama made the following claim:‘I didn’t raise taxes once.  I lowered taxes over the last two years.  I lowered taxes for the last two years.’Let’s break down the statement, starting with Obama’s “I didn’t raise taxes once” claim.  This assertion is blatantly false, as President Obama has signed into law at least two dozen tax increases.”

From Fox News, ATR “Disputes Obama's Assertion That He Didn't Raise Taxes”.  ATR asserts that Obama’s claim is blatantly false.  “‘Just 16 days into his presidency, Obama signed into law a 156 percent increase in the federal excise tax on tobacco — a hike of 62 cents per pack,’ Americans for Tax Reform said in a press release Monday, arguing that Obama's approval of this tax hike was a violation on his campaign pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class. Seeking to burnish his centrist credentials, President Obama told Fox News' Bill O'Reilly Sunday that he ‘didn't raise taxes once.’”