Patrick Gleason’s press release “New Study on Bag Taxes: Economically Destructive, Job-killing” is featured today in The Sacramento Bee.  “The bag tax that Washington, D.C. residents have been paying for over a year will precipitate a significant decline in disposable income and will result in more than 100 lost jobs, according to a new report released today…The study, commissioned by D.C.-based Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) and conducted by the Boston-based Beacon Hill Institute (BHI), examines the economic fallout of the D.C. bag tax. The study found the year old tax will destroy more than 100 local jobs and reduce real disposable income in 2011 by $5.64 million. This in turn will yield a loss of $108,340 in sales tax revenue and will reduce investment in the District by $602,000.”

 “Ronald Reagan Lives On” by Annie Groer at Politics Daily. “Grover Norquist, the conservative Republican who founded Americans for Tax Reform, wants something more permanent than mere speeches and celebrations to memorialize the 40th president of the United States. As founder of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, Norquist dreams of the day when all 3,130 U.S. counties, parishes, boroughs and independent municipalities have something, anything — a school, a street, a library — named for Ronald Reagan.”

Grover Norquist’s perspective on “Reagan’s Legacy at 100” is highlighted today by Steven Thomma at McClatchy Newspapers.  “Norquist measures Reagan's impact three ways: on the federal government, on the Cold War and on the conservative movement and Republican Party. ‘It's tough to remember how bad things were in the late '70s: waiting in line for gasoline, inflation,’ Norquist said…’Reagan came in and reduced the top marginal tax rates from 70 to 28 percent. He ushered in a lot of deregulation of business, of airlines, of trucking, some of which started under Carter,’ he said.