The Daily Beast says he is, “The One Man Who Can Sink Obama’s Tax Plans.”  When it comes to President Obama’s debt commission proposal, which may raise taxes by $1 trillion, $2 trillion, or $3 trillion depending on who you ask, ATR’s Grover Norquist stands athwart yelling stop!  So does the proposal have a chance? “Not if Grover Norquist has anything to say about it. The longtime face of the GOP’s anti-tax wing has been leading a crusade against the commission’s fragile progress through his group Americans for Tax Reform, and budget experts are openly fretting that he’ll sink their proposals before they get anywhere near Congress.”

Warner Todd Huston has a great post at Publius’ Forum taking on the notion that business extenders are earmarks.  He argues, “Many on the left are saying that the business extenders in the deal are pork, or are an earmark, or are even ‘costing the government.’ Ryan Ellis explains why these claims are incorrect re the business extenders… The first thing he mentions is that business extenders aren't new to this tax deal and that they've been around for a long time… In any case, whatever else is wrong with this idea — such as the pork that is being added every other hour at this point — the business extenders are not a detraction here.”