Grover Norquist and Laura Murphy wrote an Op-Ed for The Huffington Post “Congress Must Act to Finish Job on Criminal Justice Reform”

“In states around the country, lawmakers have in recent years been taking a hard look at broken criminal justice systems that fail to effectively respond to public safety needs or fix problems like addiction. Several states over the last 10 years have recognized the need to address the rising cost of incarceration and changed their laws to focus on people who truly need to be locked up. For example, since 2003, New York has reduced its prison population by almost 17 percent. These reductions can be attributed to a sharp decline in felony drug arrests, increased diversion to treatment programs, legislation that allowed for more earned time credits for people in prison, and reforms to the Rockefeller Drug Laws including lower mandatory minimums. All these successful reforms took place while the state's crime rate decline by 13 percent.”


Grover Norquist appeared on Cavuto on the Fox Business Network to discuss tax increases and tax reform:

“This is not a secret. The Republicans want to keep taxes low, spend less. The Democrats want to raise taxes to spend more. They are not in disagreement. We'll have this fight on the continuing resolution. We'll have it on the debt ceiling, and when we get to tax reform we'll have it then too."