Grover Norquist and Van Taylor, member of the Texas House of Representatives for District 66, wrote an Op-Ed for USA Today. They highlighted the simple yet brilliant transparency bill signed into law in Texas and how it should be replicated nationally:

   “All states should implement a rule like Texas, where bills must state explicitly right at the beginning whether there is a tax increase – and if so, by how much.”


Heidi Przybyla of Bloomberg News wrote a summary of Grover Norquist’s interview with Al Hunt on Political Capital:

  “Anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist predicted that President Barack Obama will agree to delay implementation of the bulk of his health-care law set to take effect on Oct. 1. “


On Sunday Grover Norquist appeared on CNN’s State of the Union hosted by Candy Crowley. Grover discussed the importance of the Keystone XL pipeline:

   “Certainly the Republicans have passed a series of pieces of legislation that Boehner keeps referencing that would allow jobs to be built, such as the pipeline down through Nebraska that the President is killing. There are quite a number of similar energy positions, energy projects that the president’s EPA and others have killed with hundreds of thousands of jobs lost as a result. If we had job creation from the bottom of his recession, which is June — July of ’09, the way we did from the bottom of Reagan’s recession, we’d have several million more jobs today than we do now. We have a lousy economy.”