Grover Norquist wrote an Op-Ed for The National Interest about the up and coming budget battles.

          “Two years of dramatic increases in the size and power of government and then two and a half years of "sitzkreig."

But we are approaching some action forcing deadlines. The federal budget is supposed to be approved by October 1, 2013, and this fall the growing federal deficit will require yet another increase in the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling. Both the budget and the debt ceiling will require the House, Senate and president to talk and actually agree on specific legislation.”


Patrick Gleason, State Affairs Director at Americans for Tax Refom, wrote an Op-Ed for Reuters: “Why is Bloomberg keeping New Yorkers smoking?”:

“New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s aggressive nanny-state policies — such as his crusades against trans fats and large-size sodas — have been annoying and, at times, unconstitutional. While some of his critics have suggested sinister motives, the most charitable assessment has always been that Bloomberg is well-intentioned; it’s just that his policy solutions are misguided.

Now, news leaked last week that Bloomberg is getting ready to push for a series of ordinances intended to drive electronic cigarettes off the market in Gotham. In doing so, Bloomberg is making it evident that he really does just want to boss people around — even if it’s not for their well-being.”


Mia Raths, Communications Associate at Americans for Tax Reform, wrote an Op-Ed for The Daily Caller about the IRS’s misuse of credit card spending:

“The IRS spent almost “$4,000 in improper decorative and give-away items,” such as toy bathtub boats, popcorn machine rentals, kazoos, the “world’s largest crossword puzzle,” and Thomas the Tank Engine rubber wristbands, which is the most comical of the profligacies in a recent report conducted by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).”