Happy Birthday Patrick Gleason! Patrick is State Affairs Director at Americans for Tax Reform. Mike Allen of Politico Playbook reports Patrick is turning the big 3-0.


Newsmax picked up Americans for Tax Reform’s blog post on Moms Rising desperately petitioning the NFL to reverse its decision to not promote Obamacare.

“A month after big labor front group "Moms Rising" (check out their policy priorities and lack of mailing address) began circulating a petition to have the NFL reconsider its decision to not push Obamacare on its fans, the group now has "thousands" of signatures that they planned to drop off at the league's New York City headquarters today at 11:00 a.m.”


Senator Patrick Leahy and Senator Rand Paul together wrote a US News & World Report Op-Ed and agree to do away with mandatory prison sentence minimums, a move Grover Norquist supports. From the Op-Ed:

“Mandatory minimums are costly, unfair and do not make our country safer. They have played a major role in overcrowding our prisons and have confined us to an unsustainable and irresponsible economic path. In just the last three decades, the federal prison population has soared by almost 800 percent. There is increasing bipartisan support to reverse this trend, and it will take Congress to pass legislation to accomplish that goal.”