Newsmax published an item from Americans for Tax Reform on the horrible consequences that would result with the passing of the Marketplace Fairness Act:

“The so-called ‘Marketplace Fairness Act,’ currently in the House Judiciary Committee, will impact all online retailers that make more than $1 million in remote sales annually.

 Not only this, but vendors, manufacturers, and distributors who sell to these online sellers will be impacted as well, regardless if they sell direct to consumers.”


The Daily Caller published an Op-Ed by Representative Tom Price explaining why we cannot allow the IRS to become an enforcer of Obamacare:

“In the meantime, the Obama Administration persists – hoping that their tactical moves of delay and distraction will convince the public to forget about how much and why they dislike this Washington takeover of health care. And to make matters worse, they are empowering the IRS – an agency that has undeniably forfeited its claim to fairness and impartiality – to enforce this law.

Health care is one of the most private and personal aspects of our lives. Patients should be able to make the kinds of decisions that work best for them under the direction of their physician. Washington, especially the IRS, should not be involved in that process.”