Grover Norquist writes in an op-ed for The Daily Caller: “The agreement today between President Obama and the Republicans in Congress to allow an increase in the debt ceiling… is a victory for Reagan Republicans in the present struggle, but an even more important victory over the long run. The power of the agreement is in the precedents it sets. First, never again will we have to listen to all the smart people in the permanent Washington establishment tell us that any ‘budget deal’ has to have both tax hikes and spending restraint. Second, there is a new rule in town. The Boehner Rule: Any increase in the debt ceiling will require a reduction in federal spending by the same amount of the debt ceiling increase. Third, the power of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge signed by 234 GOP congressmen and 40 GOP senators and more generally the Republican brand as the party that will not raise taxes has been tested under real battle conditions and survived and thrived.  Not a bad day’s work.”

In The Washington Post, Chris Cillizza declares Grover Norquist a “winner” in the debt-ceiling deal: “Grover Norquist: “With no revenue increases in the final deal, Norquist, the head of Americans for Tax Reform, appears to have held the line. His pledge — signed by hundreds of House members — not to raise taxes or revenue remains intact, as does his reputation as a “do not cross” member of the GOP establishment.”