The Washington Times has the scoop on the growing tax battle between Barack Obama and the small business community.  Americans for Tax Reform’s own John Kartch weighs in regarding Obama’s January 2011 tax hike, “These are real small businesses. Raising taxes on these most successful of small businesses will cost jobs.”

The Daily Caller exposes Democrats and the AARP, arguing that both undermine the future retirement benefits for younger workers. “They’re major role seems to be that of obstruction,” said Ryan Ellis, director of tax policy with Americans for Tax Reform. “The people being affected are not current AARP members, and for some reason they feel they need to obstruct and demagogue to curry favor with their membership.”

J.E. Dyer writing in’s “The Greenroom” has a great story on Cost of Government Day and continues the trend of lamenting the “holiday”, “High taxes correlate with high-cost government… there is no discernible pattern of late Tax Freedom Days – high tax rates – yielding smaller calendar gaps between Tax Freedom and Cost of Government.  No matter how much the people are directly taxed, the gaps remain huge.  So much for the “raise taxes” argument.”

From the blog Doug Ross @Journal, “What say you SEIU AFL-CIO and AFSCME?” Do Unions think they can dupe their members and funnel $150 million in Union dues into Democrat campaign coffers for November?