FlashReport highlights ATR’s own Mattie Corrao with the lamenting of California’s “Cost of Government Day.”   As Corrao notes: “Golden State workers toiled 239 days in 2010 just to pay for their bloated government.  Only residents of six states and the District of Columbia work longer to pay off the costs of government.”  

Josh Culling appears in Nevada News and Views warning that 2011 could be a bad year or Nevada’s taxpayers.   With the nations highest unemployment rate, Culling notes that in Nevada, “looking to next year, with an estimated $3 billion overspending problem in the 2011 budget, lawmakers in both parties are falling in line in support of a smorgasbord of job-killing tax hikes.”

Unions are supposed to look out for their members’ best interest.  In reality, they empty their members’ wallets and dump the cash into the campaign coffers of Congressional Democrats who continue to consider multiple pieces of job killing legislation.  Just how much money will the Unions give this November you ask?  Click here to find out. 

Steamboat Today lauds the second annual Freedom Conference held in Steamboat Springs.  Not only did the event bring national attention to the Northwest Colorado town, as the paper notes, it provided a great opportunity for locals to listen to and meet conservative leaders like ATR’s Grover Norquist.