Longtime ATR friend and ally, Christopher Freind, penned a piece for Philadelphia Magazine’s “Philly Post” explaining how school choice can not only improve education, but also rectify the City of Brotherly Love’s crime problem

Steve Prestegar of Marketplace Magazine rings in Cost of Government Day for Wisconsin noting that under the Doyle administration, between the 2003 and 2010 fiscal years, state and local taxes have increased $602.5 million.  He also highlights his favorite solutions offered by Grover Norquist to reduce government spending.     

Chuck Muth writing in Nevada News and Views exposes Republican Assembly Minority Leader Pete Goicoechea as a tax and spend addict who has, “…called for almost a billion dollars worth of new taxes… including more than half of that amount from a new tax on…..groceries.”

The Orange County Register’s Jan Norman, in preparation for California’s Cost of Government Day this Friday, notes, “…people don’t merely pay taxes; they adjust behavior to avoid them if possible. The 10 states with the highest tax burden (California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Vermont, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania) lost 129,455 residents and $10.2 billion in income in 2008…”

In the OrangeCountyRegister’s “Orange Punch” liberty blog, Mark Landsbaum laments that the 2010 Cost of Government Day report proves that the era of big government is not over and, “…its appetite appears to linger on.”