Grover Norquist appears in Politico’s“Arena” and offers some humorous election advice for our Commander-in-Chief:  ‘How many of our nation’s children – truly our future – even knew what a “Trillion” was before the Obama presidency… Obama has a record. He should shout though the clutter of the mainstream press and make sure all Americans know what he has done.’

From Red County: Dino Rossi, a Taxpayer Protection Pledge signer and candidate for U.S. Senate in Washington State, is gaining new support from Tea Party activists in his bid to unseat tax and spend liberal Patty Murray. 

G. Tracy Mehan, III has a terrific write-up on “Cost of Government Day” and Grover Norquist’s “14 Ways to Reduce Government Spending” in The American Spectator.  Read “The Costliest Day” here.  

The Hill’s “Congress Blog” asks Grover Norquist, “Who should the GOP avoid nominating in 2010?” His answer, “Long list, really. People under the age of 35. Citizens of Brazil, China, or Latvia… Preferably no sex tapes that make one look chubby. No visibly communicable diseases. No votes for tax increases in one’s public record.”