Grover Norquist’s op-ed in today’s National Review Online, “U-turn on the Road to Serfdom,” offers some new and old solutions to America’s over spending problem, including term limiting members of the Appropriations Committee to six years, creating private/public sector pay equity, and bringing back the budget-slashingJoint Committee on Reduction of Nonessential Federal Expenditures, also known as the Byrd Committee, named after the late Senator Harry F. Byrd of Virginia.     

ATR’s own Mattie Carrao writes in The Daily Caller, “After a year and half of “stimulus” and bailouts gone bad, what has the shift towards higher government spending and an encroaching nanny state cost you? This year, it has cost you 231 days out of your life, or 63 percent of 2010.” Check out her article on this year’s record-setting Cost of Government Day here

The skyrocketing cost of our government is a bipartisan problem.  Doug Bandow tackles this and other problems with our government’s largesse in The American Spectator.

Kelly Cobb, in the Hawaii Reporter, argues that excise taxes purported to fund emergency 911 services are really not funding emergency programs at all.   The whole story can be found here.