Grover Norquist: “Republicans have done well to maintain a unanimous vote against the Obama/Reid/Pelosi spendfest
Grover Norquist: “The worst day of the 100? Depends on whether you are a taxpayer, a homeowner who pays his mortgage, a taxpayer who actually pays his taxes and therefore could never become a Cabinet officer, a gun owner, or a veteran, Catholic, federalist—now on Richard Nixon’s enemies list…oops, this is the Department of Homeland Security’s enemies list.”
“Perry ally Grover Norquist called Perry a leader on conservative issues and well known among ‘taxpayer activists like me’ and think tanks. He said Perry’s Tea Party appearance had two benefits.
‘To have spoken at one of the rallies means the locals trust you and like you,’ Norquist said. ‘To have said something that irritated the establishment press is an additional benefit.’”