“Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform:
‘…Obama, Reid and Pelosi are simply bringing the politics and ethics of Chicago to Washington D.C. In Chicago, you can move to the suburbs or Florida. Now we’re all screwed…’”
“The conservative group Americans for Tax Reform claims Obama’s energy tax proposals, which will likely serve as a base for Finance Committee discussions, threatens a sector that creates 1.2 million jobs and generates $70 billion in taxable income each year.”
“‘If every complexity made you pay less, you wouldn’t complain about it,’ said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. ‘When the tax rate’s so high, people will fight for exemptions and deductions and organize their lives around them.’”
Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, isn’t taking being picked on by a Hollywood actor lying down.”
Gov. Brewer seeks to manufacture support for tax increases through misleading polling, and misleading statements on where tax revenue would be used.